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Our team includes members with years of experience in codes & standards applications.   Our company president and our principal engineer are on the ASME Pressure Vessels for Human Occupancy Committee where they address all of the design issues regarding ASME Div. 1, 2, and 3 pressure vessels, the nonlinear applications of acrylic design, and the life support needs for diving, submersibles, medical chambers, and “dry diving” tunneling.

Our experience in design codes includes:

  • ASME designs for pressure vessels, piping, and heat exchangers
  • TEMA heat exchangers
  • ASME/API Fitness-For-Service
  • API tanks and pipeline
  • NFPA fire requirements
  • FDA food grade and sanitary systems, ASME BPE piping
  • International code compliance and equivalency
  • Piping system design
  • Skid system design
  • Pipe Stress Analysis
  • Failure analysis
  • On-site work as needed, such as witnessed tests